Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Two of our LSAMP project collaborations here in Innsbruck aim to model protein-protein interactions implicated in cancer and T-cell signaling. These projects are associated with ONCOTYROL and SYBILLA. ONCOTYROL is an international alliance between academia and industry, whose objective is to accelerate the development of personalized cancer treatments by investigating novel therapies, diagnostics, and preventative approaches. The SYBILLA consortium, funded by the EU, is also a partnership between academia and industry, which aims to understand at the systems level how T-cells discriminate foreign from native peptides by activating quantitatively distinct signaling pathways. Data from mouse models are extended to human T-cells. SYBILLA investigators develop new analytical and mathematical tools to generate data describing T-cell activation by applying proteomics, transcriptomics, imaging and biochemical techniques to obtain holistic maps of the T-cell signaling network.

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