Friday, July 10, 2009


Hans Dieplinger, my (Alessandra's) mentor for the Afamin project, arranged for Kwame and me to observe an experiment taking place with one of his lab technicians, Linder, who was performing an Afamin ELISA (photometric enzyme-linked immunoSorbentAssay for the quantitative determination of human Afamin). This Elisa had already been performed previously in his lab, but for further testing and results it was again repeated. It is designed for the quantitative in vitro determination of the measurement of Afamin in sample material within microtiter plates with SA-MTP and the anti human Afamin antibody. The entire process takes about 5 hours including incubation time. It was quite interesting to see how advanced some of the equipment was in order to ensure precise measurements.

Molsoft was finally downloaded to my computer and with Dr. K's help I was able to begin building the structure for Afamin which belongs to the same gene family of albumin. With the understanding that Afamin is expressed in the liver and found in the plasma, the main objective is to create a molecular structure that will help us learn about the relationships (structure correlating with function) to guide us towards a discovery for therapeutic possibilities in patho-physiological areas. Im slowly learning how to use these programs including chem sketch where i created alpha-tocopherol which is the only form of vitamin E actively maintained in the human body. Kwame and I are still in the process of finding the correct pocket in Afamin for vitamin E.

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