Thursday, July 2, 2009


Following in the footsteps of a native austrian, Dr. Rupp took us to an authentic austrian restaurant called The Gausthaus. Here I ordered the typical cheese schnitzel with turkey tastfully accompanied with roasted potatoes (mouthwatering!). I had an interesting and refreshing drink which consisted of apple juice and mineral water as well. The picture only expresses a small fraction of the complete and utter satisfaction schnitzel did for my stomach.

From Cyberprof, as described in the comment about great eating places under "Arrived", is a photo of "gebackene pilze". These are breaded and fried mushrooms (seasonal varieties) with tartar sauce for dipping. These were quite popular with the group. Mmmmm!

Yesterday afternoon/evening, we all attended the end-of-year party at the Biocenter. There was a barbeque featuring various sausages, as well as turkey and fish, accompanied by potato salad and vegetables. Then, there were "olympics" featuring various activities with pipette tips, a "laboratory attire" fashion show, and cabaret/karaoke. Everyone had a great time, meeting students, post docs and faculty, and dancing in the rain.

On our "schwammerl suchen" adventure Melinda and I spotted our own local favorite right out of alpine grounds. It was our first time tasting this raw mushroom and it was utterly delicious. =)

Infamous mozart chocolate balls.... Check.

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